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Salesforce EinsteinAI Product features

A Guide to 27+ Salesforce Einstein AI Products and Tools

In 2016 Salesforce introduced us to Einstein AI. Back then, Einstein’s AI capabilities mainly focused on helping busy sales teams. Today, the Salesforce Einstein brand has over 40 features spread out through Salesforce Cloud solutions, from service, sales, commerce to marketing.

Marketing automation business meeting mage

Implementing marketing automation platform? Here is what you should know.

So you decided to implement a marketing automation tool and the future looks bright. It’s a big step and judging by the statistics congratulations are in order. 

decade in technology infographic

INFOGRAPHIC — A DECADE IN TECHNOLOGY; How we advanced between 2010 to 2020

A decade is behind us, and a bright new era upon us. Take a peek into the past 10 years of technology advancements. Discover the main milestones that disrupted us, surprised us, educated us or left us speechless!

Failure - Pouring coffee in a mug that shows a sign reading UGH

STRATEGY FIRST: 6 tips on how to avoid CRM failure

While the CRM system often symbolises powerful changes and enduring success, sometimes the CRM can turn on the business. Instead of witnessing the great digital transformation as promised, the CRM project detours into a surprising fail. And, CRM failure happens more often than you think.

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Graphic explanation of what BERT is

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