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me with a book called content marketing strategies for dummies


Before we jump into the statistics, I must warn you — take extreme caution, because this article may cause mindful action towards higher business revenue. Move slowly… Quietly scan the stats… One step at a time… Be aware of the content beast lurking in the bushes…

A decade is behind us, and a bright new era upon us. Take a peek into the past 10 years of technology advancements. Discover the main milestones that disrupted us, surprised us, educated us or left us speechless! 

It can be incredibly troubling to choose a CRM. These are the times when we wish we had the magic powers to foresee the future, and simply know with certainty what your business needs. The essence of every business (whatever yours might be) is always the same. 

When I first started working as a content marketer, for a while, all I did was learn about methods and techniques revealed by the latest marketing trends. The content marketing world was a buzzy arena, and it’s becoming buzzier with every new day.